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Advanced CSS

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. Advanced CSS is used to enhance colors, layout and elements of a website. You can use the float position command  to place an element anywhere we want on a page. You can use advanced css to enhance a footer on a website. All you have to do is add a new CSS style and you can change it on any page of a website. You have to make sure the you CSS is browser compatible.  Because of the differences in the way browsers support CSS, you might need to include a script on your pages that detects the browser version and uses the correct style sheet.

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This is how it looks. This info can be found at :  Adncanced CSS

I have used advanced CSS in my web design class. I have used the <div> tag to format sections of my webpage. It was fun to learn all the things you are able to do with advanced CSS techniques. They all make a web page stand out and flow good. That makes it easier to read which brings more people to the site. The best part to me is using animations. Everyone should try to create their own web site and use advanced CSS to make it stand out.